Student Life in Dublin


Arriving in Dublin

We can give students general advice about applying for a visa. For more detailed information speak to your travel agency, contact the Irish Embassy in your country or read information on

  • If you are an EU citizen you do not need a visa to study in Ireland.
  • Non EU students may apply for a Short term Student Visitor Visa, or an Extended Student Visitor Visa.

Help with your Student Visa

The main conditions of being a Full Time Language and Non-Degree Programme Non EEA student are:

  • The maximum time a student may stay in Ireland for the purpose of attending courses at language/non degree level is limited to three years.
  • The duration of course and award must comply with the conditions below.
  • A Letter of Acceptance from the college, confirming you have been accepted and enrolled on a course of full-time day-time education involving a minimum of 15 hours organised daytime tuition each week between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
  • You must have proof that fees have been paid to the college. Where your fees are below €6,000, the full amount of the fees must be paid in advance.
  • You must have access to €3,000 at first registration. This is in addition to your course fees.
  • All students are required to have private medical insurance, either personally or through a group scheme operated by your college, at time of registration in accordance with the conditions set out below regarding private medical insurance.
  • Full conditions and requirements are set out in the Guidelines on

Help with your Student Visitor Visa and Extended Student Visitor Visa

A short term student visitor visa is appropriate for short courses. Please contact your local embassy for information for your country on attending short term courses in Ireland.

Similarly your local embassy or agent will provide you with details on a longer term Irish visa.

Getting to the Centre of Dublin

Once you know your travel details, it’s time to decide how you will travel to Ireland and Dublin. Most of our students arrive at Dublin airport, book an airport transfer or travel by bus or taxi. If you arrive in Ireland after 9pm and are staying in Host Family Accommodation, you must book a transfer.

Airport transfers, shuttles & taxis

Students arriving in Ireland after 9pm must book a transfer. This is a personalised service that will take you and your luggage, from the airport to your accommodation. Our drivers will carry a red Malvern House sign with your name on it. Do not go with a driver from another company or without your name, as some unlicensed companies charge large amounts of money to newly arrived foreigners at airports.

Our Drivers will meet you at the MEETING POINT and will wait for 2 hours after the arrival of your flight. You will be given a number to call if you are unable to make this meeting. Please call this immediately if you are unable to make your transfer.

Taxis: If you have not booked transport with Malvern House please make sure that you go in a licensed taxi or mini-cab.

In an Emergency

Please call Malvern House 24hr emergency line on +353 86 895 2443; only in case of an emergency. The Irish Emergency number for Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade is 112 or 999.

For Your Safety

  • Please carry your money, passport and travel documents close to your body, preferably in a pocket or pouch under your clothing.
  • Make sure your luggage is securely locked and within eyesight at all times.
  • Ireland is generally quite safe in populated well-lit areas but students should exercise the same caution one would practise in all major cities.

Students aged 11 to 17

Students must book a return transfer to and from the airport and parents must sign release forms. Students must also stay in a Malvern House host families or in our residence.