The KASP (King Abdullah Scholarship Programme) at Malvern House Dublin

The Destination:

Ireland is the perfect English language learning destination for KASP Scholarship recipients. It is consistently voted as one of the world’s friendliest destinations. The local people are extremely welcoming and helpful which makes your assimilation into Irish society very easy. Dublin is a vibrant University city with 3 high profile Universities and many more focussed third level education institutions that all combine to ensure that Dublin maintains its place as a World class destination for international education.

For students from Saudi Arabia, there cosmopolitan nature of the city as well as the availability of Halah restaurants and butchers as well as Mosques and places of worship mean that it is easy to integrate quickly when you arrive.

The School:

Malvern House Dublin is situated right in Dublin city centre and offers KASP students the perfect location to improve their English ability and ensure that they reach their required IELTS level. The school emphasises the use of technology in teaching. All students have access to our on-line academy where they can recap on all the material that was covered in their classes as well as find additional practice material derived from up-to-date media sources, by using our state-of-the-art EFL software.

The Programme:

KASP students enter our Intensive English language programme which is designed to improve both the students’ General English and Academic/Exam focussed English proficiency. The programme offered to KASP students by Malvern House Dublin is comprehensive and provides students with more than the minimum number of lessons required for the scholarship. There are three sections in the programme. Each week the programme breaks down like this:

  1. 20 General English lessons(8.55-12.10) – during this section of the programme students join our morning General English class and work on improving their overall English language ability. This is essential to ensure students’ integration into Ireland is smooth and enjoyable; and to establish a good base level of English from which to built and prepare for the academic English tests required of KASP students
  2. 5 elective module lessons(12.15-13.00) – during this section of the programme students have the opportunity to mould the programme to suit their specific requirements. They can choose from a range of modules that centre on one specific aspect of English language learning (e.g. pronunciation, converstation, reading, etc…). This allows the student to work on areas of their English ability that they feel are slightly weaker
  3. 8 Exam Preparation lessons(Tuesdays and Thursday, 13.55-17.10) – during this section of the programme students follow a specially designed programme that prepares them for their academic English language test (IELTS/Cambridge)


Residential Accommodation:

KASP students have the unique opportunity to stay in our private hotel style residence which is directly next door to the school, right in the city centre. It is a very attractive option for KASP students because it affords the students the best possible location to both study and live in Dublin. All the rooms are en-suite and are sold on either a single of twin, bed & breakfast basis. Halal Dinner packages are also available. Staying in our residence offers KASP students the independence to live in the city centre and explore the wider city and country at their leisure. There is free wifi throughout the residence and each room has a study desk, so while students have opportunity to experience our wonderful city, they also have the facilities they require to ensure that they complete their English language programmes successfully.

Homestay Accommodation:

Malvern House Dublin work with a large number of friendly and experienced host families. Most host families are within 30 minutes of the school on public transport (approximately). There are three room options: a). Twin & shared bathroom, b). single & shared bathroom, c). executive single & en-suite bathroom. Special dietry requirements can be catered for with advanced notice. Staying with host families enables students to experience true Irish culture and friendliness. Students are totally immersed in the English language from morning to night and can learn from their host families as well as sharing their daily experiences with them.


Our dedicated team are available to help KASP student throughout the booking process and advise them on what they need to do to apply for your visa to study in Ireland. Once we receive a student’s completed booking form, copy of his/her passport and copy of their scholarship approval letter, we will contact the student to ensure that he/she has all the information needed to complete their visa application and prepare for their time in Ireland.

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Further Information:

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