Highschool, Academic Year

Please note that NQAI-ACELS does not recognise High School Academic Year Placement services.

Malvern House Dublin has exclusively entered into relationships with Ireland’s top academic schools. We have joined with some of Ireland’s most prestigious schools and expertly designed programmes that provide a stepping stone to University entrance in Ireland and the UK. Our chosen schools are of the highest quality and combine a progressive and innovative approach to taking a high school programme. Our students can choose programmes between one and six years and we assure that they receive individual and expert attention during their programme.

The modern environment at our chosen school campuses are inclusive, interactive and encouraging and are genuinely supportive and active. We encourage self-motivation, involvement, personal study and research for all our students. Schools are located throughout Ireland and our suitably qualified guardians are on hand to monitor the students participation, results and behaviour.  We believe in small class sizes which are proven to help in improving exam results in a results driven environment.  This belief is central to our programme design and extra English language tuition is available during school holiday periods.

Our students choose between:

Junior Certificate (Age 12-15)
Transition Year (Age 16)
Leaving Certificate (Age 17-18)

We can forward further information about subject choice, school details, etc.