General English Classes

Intensive Programme

At Malvern House our intensive English Classes with levels from Beginner to proficiency is one of our most popular choices. This 33 lesson per week programme is intended for those who wish to make rapid progress in English. Participants take our Standard 25 programme, including five lessons each morning which cover the areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the afternoon, emphasis is placed on helping learners to communicate more fluently in English. Our intensive programme at our English Language School is concentrated and includes interactive and inclusive activities.

Standard Programme

Alongside our intensive programmes, our standard English Classes cover all levels and consists of either 20 or 25 lessons per week. Our most popular choice is our 25 lesson per week programme, which includes 1 module per week (over 5 days) and allows learners to participate inside the classroom. Our Standard Programmes are designed to cover the four skills and will help participants communicate in spoken and written English. Our teaching methods are interactive and encourage individual participation. Course materials and methods are modern, progressive and appropriate to your level and needs.


Those who choose the Standard 25 lesson and Intensive 33 lessons programmes may choose 1 module per week over 5 days. This is a flexible way to focus and intensify your course.

Key Facts

• 45 minute lessons
• Modules included in 25 and 33 lesson programmes
• Beginners: 25 lessons only, Conversation Module only.
• Choose modules when you book

Module times: 12:15-13:00 or 17:15-18:00

Add modules to your programme for a more intensive focused programme. Choose any number of weeks, in any number of subjects.

Conversation Module


Levels: Beginner to Advanced Levels: Elementary to Advanced
This module helps you to improve your conversational English by practising speaking, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary. You will become more fluent and confident when speaking English. Improve your writing for daily life and also for pleasure. Learn how to write formal and informal letters, emails and texts, stories and poems etc. The course will provide you with a model text and give you practice in the writing process and the type of language used.



Levels: Elementary to Intermediate Levels: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
Practice pronunciation so that you can speak more clearly and be easily understood. This module will also help your listening and make you a more effective and confident communicator. You will learn the individual sounds of English and the other features of pronunciation, such as intonation and sentence stress. Explore the fascinating area of the media in its many forms – TV, newspapers, magazines, radio etc and develop your language skills at the same time. This module highlights commonly used language, which you can practice in a media context eg doing interviews, writing articles and much much more.

Book Club

Levels: Intermediate to Upper Intermediate
For those who like reading, this module will enhance your language skills and improve your vocabulary and grammar, while exploring and discussing short stories and novels to help you enjoy them even more.

Additional modules may be added.