English is the language of international business and this course will equip you to participate fully in the global arena. Using our innovative, project-based course you will develop and practise your business English skills with hands-on experience in realistic simulations. You will be fully engaged in your lessons and will learn through doing.

Who is it for?

  • You are working in the field of business or have completed studies in business in your own country
  • You need to use English with colleagues and/or clients in the global business world
  • You would like to maximise your potential, gain confidence and communicate with ease
  • You want to practise business skills, such as presentations, negotiating, meetings and much more
  • You wish to extend your knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures relevant to business
  • You want a course leading to a certificate that will enhance your CV and improve your career prospects

Benefits to your business

  • Improve all aspects of your English and become more fluent and accurate
  • Learn real workplace skills through simulations
  • Express yourself clearly and confidently and enhance your communication skills
  • Use your knowledge and certificate to get ahead in the business world
  • Become comfortable in doing business with people from all backgrounds

Why Dublin?

Ireland has quickly become one of the global centres for technology giants like Facebook, Google, Apple and it is therefore the perfect environment to learn how to use the language of international business.

If you are going to study the English language anywhere and in particular the business side of things, then why not learn it in Ireland’s capital?

Dublin is an extremely competitive business arena so studying here will give you a first-hand taste of life in the business world. Due to the presence of market leaders, there are plenty of opportunities for internships and jobs after you have completed the course.

Being a student is not just about learning and it is worth considering this when applying for courses – Dublin is one of the greatest cities in the world for nightlife and culture

20 lessons : Monday -Friday 09:00- 12:15

25 lessons: Monday -Friday 09:00- 13:05 (20 lessons of Business English + 5 lessons of Skills Module)